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Are you looking for authentic Thai recipes? If yes. Here is the right site to find those pure and full flavored Thai foods.

My name is Waraporn but you can call me by my Thai nickname, Deer. No doubt, cooking Thai food is my passion! Some of my recipes were received from my mother and grandmother who have been my significant inspiration.

I feel privileged to be able to share them with you. These mouth-watering recipes come with easy to follow step by step guiding you to a successful Thai cooking at your first try.

At the classes you will be introduced to either authentic and/or modern Thai cuisine. You will learn key Thai ingredients and its usages, traditional way of cooking preparation, and, the most important of all, cooking tips.

My Thai cooking classes offer Hands On sessions, which will have you preparing exotic cuisine like an authentic chef!, and Demonstration sessions, the best option for those who want to sit back and enjoy the cooking show!

The classes are available for everyone from beginner to advanced.

"Cooking Thai food is easy to learn and anyone can make it delicious just like the Thais do!"

Besides, I hope you enjoy searching through my website and above all I hope you can find a few recipes that inspire you to try cooking Thai food in your kitchen at home.

Stay Tuned! for upcoming new recipes and interesting food articles....Be sure to drop by from time to time or subscribe to RSS button to stay updated with new recipes and new contents.

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Table of Contents

Deer's Authentic Thai Recipe Blog
Stay updated with Thai Recipes Today's Blog on new authentic Thai recipes, tips, techniques, posts and comments about Thai food.
My passion!
About my passion and what took to become Thai Recipes Today
Use the contact form to send your inquires or messages directly to me
Site Map by Thai Recipes Today
Find your favorite Thai recipes from Thai Recipes Today's Site Map
Thai Appetizer Recipes By Thai Recipes Today
Tempting Thai appetizer recipes to try out. Many are famous across the world such as Thai spring rolls, chicken satay
Authentic Thai Soup Recipes Perfect to Cook at Home
Learn to prepare and cook authentic Thai Soup Recipes simply easy to follow
Best Thai Salad Recipe To Enjoy
Best Thai salad recipe to share including healthy focused recipes. These Thai salad recipes are light, tasty and mostly enjoyed with fresh vegetables.
Popular Thai Curry Recipes
Authentic Thai curry recipes, green curry, red curry, paneng curry and more. Authentic Thai curries with exotic herbs and spices cooked with the balance of flavors.
Authentic Thai Chicken Recipes
Authentic Thai chicken recipes to enjoy cooking including stir fried chicken with cashew nuts and more. Quick and easy to make.
Popular Thai Rice Recipes
Best Thai rice recipes including Thai fried rice, Thai rice soup, and more…
Authentic Thai Noodles
Thai noodles are delicious and worthwhile trying to cook at home. It is perfect for a home dinner party. Try this authentic Pad Thai recipe or Khao Soi
Thai Vegetable Recipes
My favorite quick and easy Thai vegetable recipes are mostly stir fried vegetables with the option of adding a variety of meats with oyster sauce, similar to Chinese style stir fries.
Exotic Thai Drinks
My favorite Thai drinks are health-focused and non-alcoholic. I use exotic ingredients from locally grown herbs, seasoned fresh and/or dried fruits and grains. Including iced coffee and tea.
Thai cooking class
Thai cooking class is held for an individual, a couple or a small group each time. It is designed to be personalized, informative and effective. A class run by a native Thai "Waraporn"
Thai Food and Culture
Thai food and its culture are as rich as its history. The art of beautifully decorated Thai dishes and cooking integrated with people way of life.
Thai Ingredients - The Essential Part of Thai Food
Get to know what Thai ingredients are such as Thai basil, dried chilies, galangal used for curries and learn each medicinal benefits. A list of Fresh common ingredients in salad dishes and dressings
Thai herbs and spices - The Essential Part of Thai Food
Get to know what Thai herbs and spices, Thai basil, dried chilies, galangal used for curries and learn each medicinal benefits.
Share Your Best Thai Recipe and Win a Prize
A great opportunity for everyone to share your signature Thai recipe and win a fantastic prize! Easy and quick process! No need to sign in and it is totally FREE!

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Noodle Soup with Stewed Chicken

Stir Fried Vegetables

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